HDWagyu-Purebred Kuroge(97%+)


Japanese A5 Wagyu-m12(World Highest Level)
USA HD Wagyu-m11(USA Highest Level)
Japanese A4 Wagyu
Japanese A3 Wagyu
Austrillian Mayura Station Wagyu-m9(Austrillian Highest Level)
USA SRF Gold Standard Wagyu
Other Wagyu/Angus/Mixed
HD Wagyu-77°F Melt on your Tongue-

USA HD Wagyu is Purebred Japanese Kuroge Wagyu. The Fat melts at 77°F. It melts on your tongue and will not create heart prooblems. It's much healthier than all other beef.

HD Wagyu-Halal Five Star Certificate-

HALAL certificate is the hardest certificate to get, following the most strict standard, also it represent the food safety and healthy, making sure every process falls into the HALAL guideline, include all standards GHP+ GMP + HACCP + ISO9001 -ISO2200, HD Wagyu passed through HALAL Five Star Certificate, We make sure you can eat our product without worrying.

HD Wagyu-Purebred Kuroge-

HD Wagyu is Purebred Kuroge Wagyu, The same breed as Japanese Kobe Beef, Miyazaki Beef, Matsusaka beef, Omi Beef, Takayama Beef, Misaki Beef, providing customer m9-m11 level five star meat quality, every cattle goes through the birth certificate and DNA testing , making sure having 97% pure Kuroge DNA. It definitely taste way better than the 30%-60% Mixed ANgus Wagyu.

HD Wagyu-USA Farm to Table

HD Wagyu contracted with the best Breeding farm in United States, we signed long term contract. All the best Wagyu were contracted with HD Wagyu after birth. We feed them with the newest Japenese technology, from farm to table export to where you order. We carefully monitor every cattle that we owned, making sure they go through the best enviornment we can provide.

Wagyu Knowledge -

Let's talk about some basic knowledge about Marbling , Breed, Cut and Scoring.


Wagyu Marbling Level

HD Wagyu go through strict testing,with 97% of the Kuroge Breed. The Marbling falls between M9-M11.

Marbling is technically known as Intramuscular Fat, or IMF for short. When looking at a raw steak, marbling is the white fat streaks or flecks mingling in the red meat of that steak. These flecks of fat are what give beef its soft texture and carries the flavor throughout each bite.


Wagyu Fat and Blood Color

HD Wagyu Rank 1 in fat and Rank No.4 in Blood Color.These are among Top in the world.
Grade of color is determined by its color and gloss of the red meat. Color is scored No. 1 to 7 using color chart below. This score is called Beef Color Standard (BCS). Grade of fat is determined by its color, and its gloss and quality of the fat. Color is scored No. 1 to 7 using color chart below. This score is called Beef Fat Standard (BFS).


Wagyu Cut Difference

HD Wagyu Provide all different cuts, will deliver the best part of the beef that you like.

Chuck: Cut from the shoulder; tough but flavorful.

Shank: Cut from the leg; very tough and chewy.

Brisket: Cut from the breast; tough if not cooked properly.

Rib: Cut from the rib area; very tender and flavorful.

Short plate: Cut from the belly of the cow; chewy and quite tough.

Flank: Cut from the abdominal muscles of the cow; one of the toughest cuts.

Loin: Cut from the back of the cow above the ribs; one of the tenderest cuts.

Sirloin: Cut from the back of the cow just past the loin; pretty tender and flavorful.

The round: Cut from the back of the cow above the back legs; chewy and tough.


Wagyu Scoring

HD Wagyu is the top notch USA Wagyu,almost as good as Japanese A5 Wagyu,way better than British/Austrillian Wagu and American Mixed Wagyu.
According to Japanese Goverment,There are 4 types of Wagyu including Kuroge wagyu, Akage Wagyu, Nihon Tankaku Wagyu and Mukaku Wagyu. Kuroge Wagyu is more than 90% among all wagyu.From Breeding to Feeding all falls into government standard. In Year 1990 United States Goverment import Japanese Wagyu, later on Austrilla import Japanese Wagyu too. There are around 50K Wagyu in USA and 250K Wagyu in Austriallia. Canada, New Zealand Brazil and China all imported Japanese Wagyu later.


years of Wagyu Breeding Experience


Contracted Wagyu Farm


100% Fullblood Kuroge Wagyu


acre Profssional Wagyu Breeding Camp

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The Most Professional Kuroge Wagyu Cattle Breeding Base.

USA FDA Certified HALAL Certified Professional Processing Plant

M9-M11 Best Marbling, as excellent as the Five-Star Wagyu

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